Empire Shopify Theme: Is it Worth The Investment?

Empire shopify theme review

When you are in the market for a new theme for your online store, it makes a lot of sense to do your research and read the reviews. To the inexperienced, a lot of the commercially available themes look very similar, but there are often some pretty significant differences. If you are in the market for a theme that will handle your large-scale business, then the Empire Shopify Theme might be right for you.

The Empire Shopify Theme is a powerful and versatile e-commerce solution designed by Pixel Union. This was designed to cater to the specific needs of high-volume stores on the Shopify platform. It is tailored to support large catalogs and accommodate the extensive inventory that often accompanies successful online operations. In other words, this will not be your first theme for a new store. This theme provides a solution for retailers seeking to deliver a streamlined and efficient shopping experience to their customers, mirroring the functionality of big-box stores.

Empire is one of the most popular themes created by Pixel Union and has gotten a reputation for its customizable layout and scalable nature, ensuring that it grows as the business grows. It is built with an eye for detail, allowing merchants to showcase their products effectively while maintaining site performance.

Empire also boasts a range of built-in styles and settings that offer businesses the flexibility to create a unique online presence without the need for extensive custom coding. This can help your bottom line and help you get the site up and running as quickly as possible.

With its comprehensive feature set and adaptability, Empire stands out as a top choice for Shopify merchants who manage a high volume of sales and products. Its ability to handle complex inventories helps businesses optimize the customer journey from homepage to checkout. This theme’s focus on advanced commerce capabilities means that it could be the right choice for any Shopify entrepreneur looking to scale their operation.

Key Features of Empire

Many businesses with large product catalogs have found it very difficult to integrate a theme that handles the inventory without dragging down the speed of the site. The Empire theme on Shopify is particularly designed for stores with large product catalogs, with robust features for extensive customization and a high level of control over the store’s design. It emulates the advanced functionality of leading e-commerce platforms, optimizing the user experience on the home page and throughout the store. To your customer, it will never feel like a Shopify store – it’ll feel like they’re shopping with established competitors.

Advanced Product Filtering

Being able to properly filter products is vital, especially with large inventories. Empire provides an extensive product filtering system, allowing users to effortlessly navigate large catalogs. The feature supports various filtering methods that consumers now expect on any site:

  • Multiple filter groups: Customers can refine their search by price, size, color, and other customizable categories to find what they want.
  • Tag-based filtering: Utilizes product tags to create dynamic filter options on collection pages.

Customizable Promotion Tiles

The theme offers customizable promotion tiles to highlight sales, discounts, or featured products. These tiles are useful for displaying sales or discounts and to drive customers to specific products.

  • Custom tiles: These can be placed anywhere on the home page to draw attention to promotions or bestsellers.
  • Flexibility: Easily change the number, layout, and content of promotional tiles to keep the buyer engaged.

Flexible Layouts and Design

This flexible design caters to various branding needs and design preferences:

  • Pre-designed layout styles: Select from multiple professional templates to match the brand’s look and feel.
  • Modular home page: Customize the home page with a selection of modules, giving a unique look and user experience that translates across all platforms.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

In today’s world, a fast website is a successful website. The Empire Shopify theme offers several features that significantly improve the shopping experience by ensuring a faster and more efficient journey from product discovery to purchase.

Quick Buy and Live Search

The Quick Buy feature enables shoppers to expedite their purchasing process by allowing them to add products directly to their cart from product listings or search results. This functionality makes the shopping experience easier by reducing the number of steps a user must take before checkout. This also increases the possibility of conversion.

Live Search offers a search experience that customers like. As customers type in the search bar, results populate in real-time, presenting both products and suggested categories. Shoppers can see high-resolution photos and essential product information directly within the search drop-down. This helps them to find desired items quickly with minimal clicks.

Shopify Font Library and Typekit

Font choice is often an afterthought in the online world. However, the integration of the Shopify Font Library and Adobe Typekit in the Empire theme allows store owners to customize their storefronts with a variety of fonts. This level of typographic customization means that every store can have a unique, branded look that is both attractive and readable.

Font LibrariesDescription
Shopify Font LibraryOffers a wide selection of fonts that can be easily implemented.
Adobe TypekitProvides premium fonts for a distinctive and consistent brand identity.

Shoppable Images

For some shoppers, seeing what they are buying is more important than reading about it. High-quality images are often all that is needed for someone to make a purchase. With Empire’s Shoppable Images, visitors can interact with products straight from high-quality imagery. This feature shows products in a real-life context, offering a gallery of high-resolution photos where each item can be tagged and directly to the product page. Most of us like to see products in use and be able to navigate straight to purchase points from these images.

  • Shoppable Images:
    • Display products within lifestyle shots.
    • Tag each product for direct navigation to purchase pages.

Setting Up and Customizing Empire

This versatile Shopify theme is designed for store owners looking to create an online presence that mirrors some of the largest e-commerce sites. With a focus on high volume and large inventories, setting up and customizing the Empire theme is straightforward. Its user-friendly interface and powerful customization tools make it quick to deploy.

Using the Shopify Theme Store

In order to install the Empire theme, all you have to do is navigate to the Shopify Theme Store and purchase it. Once the purchase is complete, it appears in the Shopify admin’s ‘Themes’ section. From there, installation is an easy process – simply click the ‘Add theme’ button and wait for the confirmation that the theme is successfully added.

Customizing the Theme

One of the main reasons why so many companies are opting for Empire is because it is simply so easy to customize. Empire’s customization ability lies in its use of sections and settings which can be accessed through the Admin section. Store owners can go to the ‘Customize’ button next to the Empire theme to enter the theme editor and modify the following::

  • Sections: Add, rearrange, or remove homepage sections such as featured products, collections, and slideshows.
  • Navigation: Configure menu items and dropdowns for effective site navigation and ease of use.
  • Settings: Adjust colors, fonts, and other general settings to match the store’s branding. These can be changed at any time.

To alter specific sections, simply select the section in question from the sidebar and make the desired changes. The real-time preview feature allows the user to see changes immediately, ensuring a high level of control over what the site looks and feels like.

Publishing and Preview

Once you are happy with your customizations, you can employ the ‘Save’ feature to keep your adjustments. To make these changes live, selecting ‘Publish’ is necessary. Before finalizing any alterations, the ‘Preview’ option should be used. Continue Previewing the site until you are happy and then Publish. This will help you to see exactly what the customer would and would not disrupt the current live version of the site. By making use of the preview functionality, you can review their customizations in totality and test the functionality before making the decision to publish the updated theme.

Performance and Integration

It is obviously important to consider Empire’s adherence to performance standards and its compatibility with Shopify apps. These factors are critical for maintaining a smooth customer experience and ensuring efficient management through the Shopify Admin at all times.

Speed and Performance Standards

Having a site that is fast and efficient is absolutely vital in today’s consumer experience. The Empire theme is designed to be very responsive, adhering to modern web performance standards. You will notice that::

  • Load Times: Pages load quickly due to efficient coding and image optimization.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: This theme has a mobile-first design for optimal performance on phones and tablets as well as laptops.

Efficiency is paramount in the Empire theme’s architecture, ensuring that online stores load with minimal delay, crucial for retaining customers and improving search engine rankings. This also helps to reduce the load on your server, further reducing user frustration.

Integrating with Shopify Apps

The ability to fully integrate with Shopify is the cornerstone of the Empire theme’s functionality. Some of these key points include:

  • Compatibility: Empire seamlessly integrates with a majority of Shopify apps, including others developed by Pixel Union.
  • Facilitation: Empire supports the latest Shopify features, allowing store owners to take advantage of fresh updates and tools in the Shopify Admin for enhanced store management.

Empire’s integration support makes adding new functionalities to store owners’ toolkits easy, all while maintaining theme integrity and performance.

Real-world Examples of Empire Theme

The https://muji.ca store runs Empire theme

When you first begin to research Empire, you will see that it is a popular Shopify theme designed for online stores with large catalogs. In many ways, it resembles the structure and function of major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. Various businesses across different sectors have used the Empire theme to showcase their extensive product ranges.

One notable example of Empire working well with a business is Gadget Flow, an online marketplace that curates tech and accessories. They benefit from Empire’s robust navigation and filtering system, allowing customers to quickly find products in their expansive inventory. The theme’s structure enhances the user experience by supporting Gadget Flow’s extensive list of products.

Another example is BookOutlet, a retailer specializing in selling bargain books. This company leverages Empire’s tools for organizing books across multiple categories and genres, using the theme’s tailored collection pages. They also exploit the theme’s scalable interface to grow with their inventory.

This theme is also used by food and beverage retailers, like Bean Box. This company sells gourmet coffee and they utilize Empire’s ability to manage collections and sub-collections. This makes it easier for customers to navigate through different coffee blends and origins.

Finally, fashion retailers such as SneakerHead apply the Empire theme for its clean aesthetic and product-focused layout. It offers high-quality image displays and quick view options, catering to SneakerHead’s need for presenting high-definition visuals of their sneakers. This design aspect is ideal for companies that have stunning photography that they would like to feature.

RetailerSectorNoteworthy Empire Theme Feature
Gadget FlowTechnologyAdvanced Filtering
BookOutletBooksCollection Pages
Bean BoxFood & BeverageSub-collection Management
SneakerHeadFashionHigh-Quality Image Displays

There are many more examples of Empire’s versatility in supporting online stores with large inventories and varied needs and these few show some of the many features that you can utilize on your Shopify site.

Support and Resources

Not all Shopify themes offer comprehensive support, but Empire does. The Empire Shopify theme offers comprehensive resources to ensure users maximize the theme’s functionality. You can access dedicated customer support and an extensive library of FAQs. There are regular theme updates along with detailed documentation tailored for Shopify merchants.

Customer Support and FAQs

According to the reviews, Empire’s customer support team is always ready to assist merchants with any queries or issues. Users can reach out:

  • Email Support: The primary channel for personalized assistance.
  • Live Chat: For real-time problem resolution by experts.

You will find that the FAQs are a rich resource for quick information, addressing a range of topics:

  • Installation: Step-by-step guidance on building your site.
  • Configuration: Tips on customizing the theme to fit the merchant’s brand and style.
  • Troubleshooting: Common issues and quick resolutions.

Theme Updates and Documentation

Empire ensures its users remain competitive with:

  • Free Theme Updates: Regular and free updates that enhance features and security. These are quick and easy to implement.
  • Changelog: Detailed logs of updates and improvements so you always know you have the latest version.

The theme documentation available to users includes:

  • User Guides: In-depth articles on every aspect of the theme so you can get all your questions answered.
  • Developer Docs: For those who wish to customize the theme beyond standard settings these are immensely useful.

Both update logs and documentation are easily accessible within the Shopify interface, designed to empower merchants at every step of their journey.

The Empire Shopify Theme is one that has been adopted by a lot of growing businesses that have large numbers of products to display and sell. With its unique styling, efficient processing, and quality user experience, it may be the best Shopify theme for your new project.


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